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Luxman PX-100 Reviews

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Luxman PX-100

Luxman PX-100

10/10 by dentron

Got this baby in a set with matching KX101 cassette deck and RX101 receiver, all for $280. So far this turntable has been amazing, currently running it with an AT15Sa cartridge, and the setup sounds quite nice, especially for the money. I feel like I have hit the sweet spot in performance to cost ratio with this setup. The fully automatic functions are very nice for when you are doing other things while listening to an album so you do not leave a record on and spinning after it has finished. Similarly being able able to start an album or replay a side with just a button push is nice. This used to be a 'mid range' table from Luxman (about 440 USD in the 80's) Luckily made just before the terrible alpine merger, and it is still a quality table.

This table is still going strong into 2020, and it shows no signs of stopping!

Possible fix if your PX100 ever refuses to cue or acts funky/unreliably with automatic functions:
Open up the bottom, and look for the two springy copper strips next to the tonearm mount and cueing solenoid. They come together and make contact to tell the turntable that the tonearm is down, due to age sometimes the contacts become oxidized and make an unreliable connection. Carefully put some deoxit on them and after waiting a while, dry any excess. Now put it all back together, and if that was the issue the TT should work flawlessly again!

10/10 by sam08861

Excellent turntable, same as PD-291. Velvety smooth and all automatic functions work silently and smoothly. A pleasure to use and listen to. Using with a Shure V15V and Vividline line contact stylus. Indistinguishable detail wise from CD and oh so much smoother. Smoother and more detailed than my 1229Q Dual w/V15III and same stylus and same detail but smoother than Oppo 105 and Luxman CD players.

10/10 by bogiedr

Original owner, this thing has never been to a shop, unless we were shopping for a new cartdrige! Recently I decided to hook up my Clearaudio Emotion with Satisfy tonearm and Maestro cartdrige to the set up where the Luxman resides. The Luxman has a Signet TKE1a cartdrige. The tables were hooked up to my vintage Sansui AU 717, which conviniently has two built in phono pre amps, (I looove vintage Sansui!!). I had my wife sit in and listen to both tables ... we both agreed, the Clearaudio was ever so slightly better ... but with $2750.00 between the arm and cartdrige, I was expecting a blow out, not so! The Luxman was ever so close it is difficult to justify what I spent on the Clearudio! In fact, I think upgrading the cartdrige on the Luxman will probably embarras the Clearaudio. The Luxman PX 100 is a mighty fine table, very underated and very difficult to find!!! I keep trying to justify just replacing it and every time I have tried ... I have failed!! A modern day 3k+ table failed to blow away the Lux, 'nough said?? If you find one, buy it!!!! You will not regret it!!

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