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Luxman PD 300 Reviews

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Luxman PD 300

Luxman PD 300

10/10 by Ticat

I have had this PD 300 with a Zeta arm since it was NEW. Stored for 20 years and 2 years ago brought out and restored to its former glory (taken apart, cleaned, oiled and fitted with a new belt).Sounds fantastic with a NOS Ortofon MC-30 and Jolida 9 tube pre pre amp. Vinyl through this deck is fantastic and rivals (or bests) any digital source I have tried.

10/10 by desertdog

A friend of mine used to sell these along with IMF speakers, so i have listened to one many times, super sounding deck, no coloration to the music. could never understand why folks went out and purchased Linn sondecks instead of these. maybe the HiFi mags had a lot to do with it?

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