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Linn LP 12 Sondek Reviews

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Linn LP 12 Sondek

Linn LP 12 Sondek

9/10 by Daveyf

The LP 12 is a true turntable system. The entry level Magik is a great table to introduce the user to the possibilities of the table. Step up to the Akurate level and then the Klimax level and the table can be upgraded to compete with some of the best analog rigs on the market. The Radikal D power supply with its DC motor allows the table to achieve superb speed control ( a very important aspect in any TT design!) The Cirkus bearing mod allows the table to be more resolving and improves the stability. The Kore and Keel sub chassis mods allow for a more precise platform. Compared to other tables out there, the only issue that one has to consider is the compatibility with various arms. The LP12 is very persnickety about which arm it works with...and this is perhaps its biggest issue. Nonetheless, I use a WTA 'Black Arm', which works extremely well, the Naim Aro and the Ekos SE-1 are the other top contenders. Highly recommended if you are looking for a turntable platform that can be made into a SOTA table with upgradeable mods.
BTW, the new models are really NOT like your father's LP12! Listen for yourself...

8/10 by robeloi

Bought a second hand late 1970's version. Replaced the basic power supply with a Valhalla and use a re wired Rega RB250 and Nagaoka MP110.

There is no doubt that the LP12 is a superb turntable with its heavy suspended sub plinth and steel platter. It does everything it can to get out of the way of delivering the sound from the vinyl. Everything in the LP12 is geared to eliminating external interference from the sound from the vinyl.

I have a RB300 tonearm on my RP2 and there is an improvement over my Rega with the LP12 and RB250. The LP12 RB250 sound is clearer, warmer and with more depth. The issue is whether it is worth 2-3 times the price of the Rega (or equivalent). Personally, for me it is worth it because I want the best sound I can afford but the law of diminishing returns applies with the LP12 vs a Rega type deck. A deck 50% the cost of the Rega will only be 10% as good as a Rega but the Sondek at 2-3 times the price of the Rega will only be marginally better!

2/10 by krellpam1

This is a good deck but nowhere as good as Linn disciples would have you believe. I had a Linn with Ittok LV111 and Karma cartridge for several years then heard a few other decks as my friend was looking for a turntable and I changed to a Rock plus excaliber and an AT OC9 and never looked back. My friend bought a Voyd Valdi with an Helius Orion arm can not remember the cartridge that was his choice. I am glad I sold my Linn as I got loads more for it than the rock turntable but the rock is so much better.

10/10 by Wimbo

I had a mid 80's Vahalla/Nirvana/Ittok with numerous AT MC's for 20 years plus an never had the desire to change.Beautiful deck.

10/10 by Tasebass

A Klimax Sondek is just bonkers.Never heard another source sound so fast and engaging with great your strapped in a seat for a roller coaster ride ...and what a ride...!! its presentation wont be for all but if you want a TT that can probably fly with an Air Force One this is it.

Changing arms, motors, subchassis changes the sound..comments above are for the Klimax

10/10 by GrahamP

I have owned x4 LP12's over the years and the one I now have is for me the highest spec ever and I intend to go even further. Having owned several other turntables as well (x3 Rega, Michell Reference) the LP12 s the one I have always come back to as its simply better at reproducing music than any other. If you have never owned one then you are in for a real journey into fantastic vynal playback! Mine has the Circus bearing and a Trampoline 2 baseboard, Black Ittok and new T cable and a Lingo power supply is next on my upgrade path. Some folk say they don't hear what makes the LP12 the best turntable and thats ok it just means they hear differently, the Linn is the most musical deck ever though it may be true it is less accurate than some others. If that is so then my musical ear lets me appreciate the LP12 and I feel for those that cannot but like many other aspects in life we are none the same. Go on get one I dare you to! Secondhand or brand new it will change your musical listening just make sure it has been given a real chance though by being set up properly by a Linn dealer.

9/10 by Spinning Top

I was always amazed that Thorens didn't sue Linn for pinching their design. The LP12 Sondek is almost identical to the Thorens TD150 which preceded it by several years. As an owner of the TD150 I was always skeptical of Linn's claims and astonished at the price difference. I heard many LP12's in the late '70's and early '80's and it did sound very good, and better than the original Thorens. I believe the platter is heavier and the bearing of much higher quality than the Thorens and with endless power supply and suspension upgrades the LP12 is amongst the best.

I bought one in 1986 to replace a TD160S - which went into the loft. 10 years later the power supply overheated and failed, scorching the inside of the deck and I sold it for spares - fitting the Akito arm to my Thorens which was dusted off!

I think a properly set up LP12 is very hard to beat and if price is no object and you can live with a suspended chassis turntable, there are few better. The sound is very stable with very little background noise. A Linn has an uncanny ability to suppress clicks and pops on a record and the sound comes out of 'blackness'. The bass is affected by the arm and cartridge and, for me, is, perhaps the LP12's strongest feature, capable of being very powerful with extraordinary transient attack on rock music. The upper frequencies are also very well handled with excellent pitch. However, that said, the mid-range can be a little 'dead' or lacking in involvement. Everything is there, but it can sound a little 'flat'. I had an RB300 and then Akito fitted to mine and the Linn arm sounded much better. A decent arm-board is essential.

10/10 by HiFiStan

I have a much modified Linn with a rega 1000. Have had many TT's and this is the best. Have heard Ravens as two friends have them, High end system such as discontinued top ss CJ, Cant give details as I have had brain surgery,

10/10 by capten

the best

10/10 by nigel simon chaplin

I have had a few turntables over thye years none of which can match my current LP12.
Partnered with a Naim Aro, Naim Armageddon, rebuilt Linn Troika and Sole sub chassis.
the sound this produces is quite sublime, open detailed and sweet.
This is in my humble opinion the best turntable I have heard. sorry for being biased

3/10 by maz1957

Had a Linn LP12 with Ittok LV11 for many years, then heard the Alphason Sonata with its titanium tonearm 100MCS and I could not beleive how much better it was cleaner more extended base the midrange just seemed cleaner and more open and the treble was more natural and it did not have the brittleness sometimes I heard with the Linn. I now use the Alphason with Zeta tonearm which to me I prefer now. The Linn LP12 to be fair is a decent turntable but I now have a much better one.

8/10 by volvic325

owned one and sold it and regretted it. All the comments below/above are true it is colored and there are better sounding decks. But I play records on my current VPI which sounds good but does not move me the way the Linn used to. Which is why I am in the market to repurchase. If I get one will not do all the mods as they are expensive and take away from the colored sound which apparently I seem to like.

8/10 by steve195527

It's a good deck,not as good as the Linn addicts would have you believe but nowhere near as bad as the vociferous anti-Linn brigade would have you believe either,main issues for me aren't performance related but the way in which it was marketed in the past,hate Linn but they do make or have made a few very good products,the LP12 and the Ittok,the Asak wasn't bad at making music either,I wish they would be more sensible in the marketing AND pricing though nowadays

8/10 by rauljazz77

I own a Linn LP12 with Ittok tonearm for 31 years now I use Grado Prestige Gold cartridge. It is the best turntable I have had, previously I had Pioneer and Technics.

6/10 by hooch2259

If you have a high resolution system it is very easy to hear the shortcomings of this deck, I stuck with various incarnations before seeing the light. Coloured, especially in its earliest forms, bloated bass, unless your a hopeless Linn disciple ( without hope ). Earlier versions did have good synergy with Naim though, each ameliorating the others weaknesses. Vastly overrated in my view.

8/10 by satanfriendly

I wanted to hate this deck after years of loathing them. Then came a tempting offer with the intention of simply selling on. Tried it, and it stayed. Simple. Two LP12's previous (but not with Ittoks) had me pass them on, but an Ittok moves it in to a different league.

Great sense of timing and I can live with the colouration because overall it makes great music with an Ittok onboard. I have decks with better depth, width and imaging, but the LP12 isn't about this, it's about music and it does a very competent job of getting to the end product. Even on a dodgy stand and a suspended floor it suffers zero foot fall issues. I still have a dislike for Linn products, but I have to bite the bullet and say this is good.

Used with a Transfiguration Spirit III

10/10 by guix3212

S'il fallait en garder qu'une seule mon choix serait vite fait....une LP12

5/10 by desertdog

I dont understand the linn following, i have found all the linns to be coloured in the bass and somewhat lacking in detail compaired to Transcriptors or Garrard for example posted 2013

9/10 by zenalpine

8/10 by kennethyuen

Very relax and musical turntable ! The sweetness of its presentation is hard to beat but bass may be too gentle for some music. Perfect for Hi Fi dreamer !

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