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Linn Basik Reviews

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Linn Basik

Linn Basik

2/10 by maz1957

Not the best turntable around a systemdek is much better for similar price.

1/10 by krellpam1

Do not know why this is liked by the other members it’s one of the worst turntables I ever hear.

10/10 by davetruestory

I got mine since 1992, and it's going strong, for me it have a laid back presentation, so it love Audio Technical cartridges. That does not mean that no sound good with other brands. In a fact, the best combination that I heard on it was Denon DL 160. Right now I'm it have a Grado Red with a Black Stylus and it sound great through a 3 watts amp.

9/10 by Jimbuy

wonderful value. Sounds great, easy to set up and care for. I'd like to replace the Basik LVX arm with a Jelco SA-250ST or the like someday. Rocks a Shure V15 as it is!

10/10 by The Gryphon

This is an excellent table, mine has an Akito arm and this combination along with a good cartridge takes you to a very high level indeed. It can extract a tremendous amount of detail, the bass is firm and extended ( need to mount this table correctly on a good firm surface or table !), the mid range is clear and controlled and the treble sharp and detailed but remains easy on the ear.It is a totally no frills table where the effort has been put into quality performance and not into any extras....To go further you need to spend serious money and even then there will not be an enormous difference.

10/10 by desertdog

Well as you probably know I am not a Linn fan at all, but this turntable can really shine with the right arm cartridge combination. I found this out by accident when I was given one of these to sort out , so I removed the Linn arm and mounted the only Linn fitting arm I had to hand a alphason xenon so I fitted it on complete with Yamaha mc cartridge! Wow the most neutral sounding deck I have heard in over 40 years of listening. It is a unheard gem. Throw the Linn arm away and fit a good one. Enjoy.

9/10 by Kaagaard

Had this turntable for 23 years and have recently upgraded K9 cartridge for a Denon DL-110 with good results! The turntable plays musical. Especially in the case of the instrumental music. But is also good with calm Electronica.

9/10 by tapestry38

Works well with Akito arm & Adikt cartridge. So simple that it doesn´t complicate the music reproduction, well bodied sound & good quality turntable that´s not to be disregarded by its pricey competitors.
Don´t like the lid as the plastic hinges give way to the spring that keeps it up right. Not a bad starting turntable, no hum, but it´s very important to keep everything on like the arm and cartridge very accurately, precise & tight.

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