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Leak 2001 Reviews

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Leak 2001

Leak 2001

9/10 by ajbarlow

Hi, FOLKS, I am the son of the British inventor of this turntable's suspension system, D A Barlow. The system used three silicone -filled butyl rubber spheres, with plugs/necks at the poles, and these necks sat in holes in the base below and the plinth above respectively. The plinth was thus suspended entirely on three points of liquid, in effect. The vibration resistance was pretty good. I recall as a nipper (age 14) helping my dad test this in the real world at home in the evenings, banging on the wooden floorboards, while the player was on top od a tall narrow bookcase. In this way he perfected the amount of liquid and what to use. I do believe the liquid was clear silicone or other sorbathane type stuff. I had one of these turntables from 1985 to about 2016 when I sold it on ebay. over that time, the spheres leaked and liquid oozed out everywhere. Sticky, like thick oil. Without this, the plinth could be supported on the three transit bolts, but of course with no vibration isolation to speak of. Sonically, the deck was really good, I used the original AD arm and a Ortofon OM-10 cartridge. Perfectly adequate. The belt drive was smooth, however the speed change was a little erratic, being a long lever/fork pushing the belt up or down from one crown pulley to the other on the main motor. The main bearing was excellent and quiet. The whole experience of using the turntable with the pickup and the large acrylic cover (could be lowered with record playing for even more sonic isolation) was really swish for its time, truly a hi fi classic. I was sad to see it go, but the new owner was an enthusiast of more degrees than myself, and we were able to source some new spheres for him in Italy, I think. I would not imagine these are easily replicated, as I have seen on other early forums on Vinyl Engine. the sheer amount of lateral travel was amazing (as evidenced by the large hole in the top panel around the pickup upright stem (see picture). The turntable had a large rim to cover the gap round the turntable and allow the travel. Unique, but was it the best? I can only give you guys my honest coverage of the facts for your delight.

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