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Kenwood KP-4021 Reviews

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Kenwood KP-4021

Kenwood KP-4021

8/10 by davos-music

Signal to noise ratio (especially mains hum) can be reduced significantly by re-routing unshielded pick up wires inside the base to be perpendicular to power wires. This results in a very good performing turntable.

7/10 by Phoca

Very quiet and pretty rock steady. Mine also runs a tad fast, but I'm going to play with a few things to adjust that. No rumble, but I did dress the idler a tiny bit to help that problem. Tricky as in this case I think dressing the idler may change the speed. Perhaps dressing it down would slow it? Anyway, this is a very nice turntable.

6/10 by TheGarrardGuru

runs a touch fast and doesn't appear to have any speed adjustment.
The tonearm has a strange bend at the back, and rumble is rather loud in it's base .could do with a nice plynth. musically though it is quite pleasant to listen to.

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