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Kenwood KD-990 Reviews

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Kenwood KD-990

Kenwood KD-990

9/10 by soimmvt

I’ve owned a kd 7010 and a kd 990. Both TT are identical except for some minor differences. E.g. The wooden exterior of the KD 990 is veneer with a slightly subtle wooden touch in black. The KD 7010 has been painted black. For what’s it worth, I also noticed some minor differences on the board with the electronics, some chips are different. However the tonearms, the base, wiring etc. are exactly the same. Both perform the same.
Both TT are excellent, easy to operate and nice to look at. The build quality is very solid. The platter weighs a ton! The different from the other TT’s I've heard so far, yet very pleasing with lots of detail but can be improved. I've replaced the feet with Isonoe feet which makes the sound of the TT somehow more open and more balanced. With a Micro Benz L2 it is a winner. I get the feeling that the Kenny extracts more music from the cartridge. However with a AT 150sa it sounds a bit dull not as lush (or bright as some will say) as on a Pioneer PLl1000 or a Sony ps X800. Having said that, the benz sounds better on the Kenny. I guess it is also a matter of taste and set up. But the Kenny has definitely different faces depending on which cartridge you use. It is imo very neutral sounding giving the cartridge a good environment to shine.

One thing though, both Kennys suffered from a slightly noisy transformer due to mechanics. I have seen owners relocate the transformer outside the TT. I myself found out that a ty rap around the transformer and some additional rubber rings make the noise of the transformer almost none existent. I’ve never used the turntables without the wooden base. But some say the will even sound better.

To sum it up. Excellent turntable, easy to upgrade and to modify. The KD’s will remain in the house for a long long time….;-) giving musical bliss.

10/10 by jhaacker

Indeed one of the most underrated tt. Use it with a Nagoaka MP500 , which fits well to the built-in tonearm. Enjoy relaxed but well balanced sound.

10/10 by chanki88

Nothing to say, it's an excellent turntable . You will hear a lot more than any turntable with built-in tonearm. Don't put a Shure V15 on it, better to have MC on this arm it will match .

9/10 by 1150

Besitze diesen Dreher seit ca 10 Jahren.Läuft ohne Probleme.
Excellenter Tonarm,vielseitig verwendbar.Für sehr leichte Systeme nicht zu empfehlen.
Klingt entspannt,ist kaum aus der Ruhe zu bringen.Gelkissen unter den Füssen bringen das letzte Quäntchen Ruhe.Verarbeitet wie ein Panzer.Den geb ich nicht wieder her.Understatement pur.Kein Schnickschnack.
Einfach Plattenspieler.
Wechselt den Charakter mit dem System - AT OC9 - und Dynavector 20A2 - können Ihre Vorzüge ausspielen.

10/10 by PatMatt

Phenomenal turntable and second only to the L-07D. The arm is excellent, and can take full advantage of today's modern medium mass, lower compliance cartridges. These are very rare but sought after in the US since awareness there has increased due in no small part to the resurgence of vinyl.

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