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Kenwood KD-750 Reviews

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Kenwood KD-750

Kenwood KD-750

9/10 by fj2525vl

Uno de los mejores giradiscos de los años 80´s
One of the greatest turntable of the 80´s!!

9/10 by Martin 530

Just purchased this TT and I have to say I am blown away.
This TT was never on my radar until a buddy told me take a look.
I must admit I did get a mint version. The weight is perfect and set up a breeze.
This table has flown under the radar for too long.
If you have a chance pick this TT up and you won't be disappointed.

10/10 by Paulleellama

This masterful turntable does everything you need to get incredible sonic presentations from your vinyl collection. The direct drive brushless motor effortlessly spins the 5kg platter dialing in the speed with PLL accuracy. The table lets the cartridge do what it does best; extract every last detail out of the grooves. They finished production of this model in around 1982-85 which was the entrance of the cd player which means you can find these like me untouched in storage. This was the last ditch effort by Trio-Kenwood to produce probably IMHO and many other folks agree the 2nd best table in the Kenwood family next to the LD-07. Let me tell you the turntable doesn't disappoint, if anything it will reveal how good the pressing/recording that its playing. It delivers the full spectrum of sound with the ability to adjust VTA, upgrade phono cord, even change our the tone arm with ease. What struck me the most and what I had been missing in other tables was how low the bass could be on vinyl playback. Not too many of these on the market and for good reason they are spectacular, heavy, and a piece of art with the lacquer finish.

10/10 by VinylHistorian

Excellent, solid table. Discontinued 1985 so parts are inbecoming scarce as hen's teeth as the years wind on. I own this TT and have recently pulled it out of service due to tonearm issues currently being addressed.

Excellent turntable if you can find one in proper working order that is for sale; people tend to hang on to these. -AF

10/10 by revox-collector

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