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Kenwood KD-650 Reviews

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Kenwood KD-650

Kenwood KD-650

8/10 by mdleveille

I had this table in my main system for around 8 months, I looks fantastic, starts and stops quickly and on a dime respectively. It feels like a super precise drive mechanism with the electronic braking and quartz locked transition light which graduates until it is locked at speed. This is a heavy deck at around 30 lbs, the composite marble like plinth is a serious piece of business and imparts a real steadfast unmovable feeling during use while looking both high tech and elegant in the room. You could do much worse when it comes to aesthetics alone. The soundscape with a Nagoaka mp 30 attached to the stock tonearm was wide and wide, loads of space it seriously made my 20 x 20 listening area feel like a concert hall no matter how warm the source material was. That ultimately is the reason for the 8 out of 10. It was precise and clinical in the timing and precise and clinical in the swing factor. This is a turntable for classical music and even with a shure m97xe strapped on it did not impart much jazz room/blues hall into the music. This is a great machine and I would buy another in a second but when it comes to be-bop and samba I wanted more warmth.

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