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Kenwood KD-5070 Reviews

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Kenwood KD-5070

Kenwood KD-5070

10/10 by Memores79

I have owned this turntable since 1977 and it has been, I think one of the best on the market
It has been so long now the wires going into it are getting cracked and worn
So, I need to find a place I can purchase the combination power and sound wires that will work with this turntable
Any help in that regard would be welcome

10/10 by emse

I have owned a number of turntables over the decades. All have been in the mid range as I have never been able to afford higher. After years I have again sought out this turntable as my go to table. In this price range this TT can not be beat.

10/10 by bjohnson227

I have had this turntable for 35 years. I have always used an Ortofon low profile cartridge and the sound is phenomenal. Recently, the turntable began to vary in speed while playing (especially 45s). As it is a direct drive, I suspect oxides somewhere in the variable strobe control. I've not yet opened it, but it is due a good cleaning after 35 years.

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