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Kenwood KD-491F Reviews

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Kenwood KD-491F

3/10 by hecgon01

Just got my hands on one of this and same thing as previous review when I just started playing records... it will skip multiple times but decided to clean it up and add a little weight on the top of the cartridge (adding a small coin:) and now it works ok. I'll have to try a new stylus to see if the audio quality improves.

1/10 by jackbh

This is the first Kenwood product that I've been disappointed in. This TT will only play perfect records. Anything less will skip and jump back and forth. I have 2 other TTs that play the records perfectly that this one won't. The tone arm is so light and flimsy and there is no way of adjusting it. Too bad, Kenwood - bye-bye.

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