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JVC SRP-473E Reviews

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10/10 by StaianoCarlo1968

9/10 by greedy42

Very solid early seventies four channel ready wired arm, lovely chrome finish, this deck tracks beautifully the cartridge on mine is a Shure M55e with original stylus the user manual has a hand written service history going back to 1973 which includes lubrication and the installation of this cartrige. This deck has a unique on/off button if you have to answer the door or take a leak just flick the switch arm lifts and deck turns off then come back flick the switch again deck turn back on and arm drops were it left off. There is no auto return just lift off record and turn off at the end, auto return is for amateurs anyway. One thing with these decks the platter spindle unscrews to allow oil to be dropped on the platters main bearing there is however a nylon type disc the platter swivels on these break up over time mine did so i had to make a replacement of the correct thickness but Wow! it was so worth the effort.

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