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JVC QL-Y5F Reviews

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6/10 by CAIO guarini

Adquiri um JVC QL-Y5F recentemente. O contra peso (main weight code E66997-001) do tonearm, infelizmente, não é o original. Solicito informações da dimensões do original (peso, diametro interno e diametros externos das duas partes, comprimento das duas partes, etc). Mandarei fazer em um oficina de usinagem aqui no Brasil/SP. Grato, desde ja, pela ajuda. Abraços

10/10 by atillaparla

I bought JVC QL-Y5F as a complete JVC set of Tuner/Tape deck/Amp-A.X5 in 1980. After many movings, usage and one damage during the last move it is still intact. Recently I changed the cartridge (with Ortofon OM5E) and it is super! Sound is immaculate. Do not think that vinyl records and turntables are out of date and for old timer pops. No digital sound is as good as this!

5/10 by youngjack

I have the JVC QL-Y55F and was wondering what the difference between mine and this QL-Y5F ?, Love this Table and Bonus Came with a Grado G 2 Cart ...:)

10/10 by Peter4103

Just picked one up from a private sale after seeing some intriguing reviews. Quite an impressive deck. I have it as a replacement for a Denon 47f and it surely does a much better job. Great highs and quite impressive lows without any noise and easy on the ears. Very heavy table and in combination with my DL 301 cartridge a sure keeper!!

10/10 by forbiddenapple

I've owned this TT for about a year now and have to say it will stand up to a critical comparison review of any competing brand. Ultra smooth and quiet, I use a variety of carts with it, including an AT440Mla & AT14Sa . Sound reproduction is astounding. Combine that with its obvious quality construction and you have a notable TT which provides immense enjoyment

9/10 by epk

I bought this turntable when it first came out, around 1980-81. It's had a lot of use since then, but is still going strong and still looks great. Originally used with a very nice Denon MC cartridge, then upgraded to a Signet TK10ML, and the combination sounded stunningly good. The only thing I don't like is the way the cover comes off the base. Highly recommended. If you come across one, don't hesitate.

9/10 by cytherian

It looks like some people submitted reviews without bothering to set the rating (the default is 5/10), because their comments are not aligned with the rating given.

This is a terrific turntable and is an excellent buy. The more expensive sister models (like the Y66F, Y7, Y77F) are laden with more features, but they're really not necessary to achieve the same sound quality. The Y5F benefits from the same core tonearm and platter motor technology. Granted, pitch control would be nice but that's really only necessary to compensate for an inferior record.

I have a fully automatic electronic servo motor controlled Technics TT that was at the same price point when new, but its only feature advantage is the auto sensing of the record size. The Y5F has a manual selection. But how hard is it to push a button? ;-)

5/10 by oldtechie

JVC is a very underestimated turntable. i have this model the JVC QL-Y5F AND NOW HAVE IT LOADED WITH A DENON DL 103R and there are times when i am dumbstruck at the soundstage and performance of this little beauty and this DENON is one of many carts that have me so excited...seems whatever you load the table with,every last bit of performance is wrung out of the combinations or carts and the JVC QL-Y5F.THE CHEAP PRICES ASKED FOR JVC's is a boon for those looking for a high end table CHEAP.

9/10 by brunson531


5/10 by Backagain

I have the turntable and it is a looker in both function and design

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