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JVC QL-A7 Reviews

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5/10 by Obankenobi

Great midfi DD deck - the kind of turntable somebody should still be manufacturing. I've bought two, veneered them in wood, enjoyed and passed on. Nice tonearm, deck-mounted arm-lifter, soft-touch controls are still cool in 2015. I used with Denon DL-304 and DL-S1, sounded fantastic. Low rumble while cranking at loud volumes.

8/10 by tuaboy

I have owned this turntable for close to 10 years now. Original; no mods nor capacitor refurb - probably soon on that front though still plays great. Have tried Shure v-15, Mk3 and Mk4, Ortofon vms20, vms 30. but the best match seems to be a lower compliance cartridge - AT s seem good. This turntable is connected to a home music system - 3 zones - being in the kitchen while cooking, listening to Wish You Where Here, and not having to run to take care of the end of record thump is a great plus. The TT-71 flying saucer would definitely be better matched to a heavy plinth, but I can't quite give up the end of play mechanism. TTs I have had - Technics 1400, 1300, 1200 mk3, Oracle Paris, Dual 1229,1009. All great in their own right - you are playing vinyl.

10/10 by dusan92

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