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JVC QL-A2 Reviews

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8/10 by spensar

Very solid turntable, that was easy to fix up. The speed was erratic, fixed with some deoxit sprayed into the speed switch. The tonearm return function was not operating correctly, which only required replacing a small black foam piece. Works perfectly with rock solid speed now.

Very good design and nice look. Only nitpick is that the selector levers could be a bit heavier.

If a Technics this one would not be as under the radar as it is.

8/10 by peteofmanytools

I bought mine new in 1978 and it is still going strong. The speed selector sometimes requires a little wiggle to get the quartz lock to function correctly. Just fitted a new Ortofon OM10 to give it a treat and it sounds great.

5/10 by tama123

I picked one up on LET-GO for $75.00 recently and it was a one owner turntable. He kept it in very good condition, no dust or cigarette smoke damage. One small scratch on right front of cover, no big deal. needed a new needle, picked up an AT-90 for $26.00 and installed it. I am enjoying my vinyl collection again. I own a technics DD turntable and i prefer the JVC. Sounds great, everything works, easy to adjust settings when needed and looks nicer. great turntable for the money.

8/10 by bertiesme99

Bought mine secondhand a few years back and it's been very good- Decent build quality-use mine as a back up turntable-with an AT95 budget cartridge and it sounds fine-

8/10 by Dyllen

Now it was 32 years ago, I sold my QL, but what I remember it was very good the five years I had it. Now I want to enjoy the same stereo as I had then, so now I am looking for QL A2 + JVC R-S7 + SK-700S + a tape deck that I dont remember the name of

10/10 by iggykovs

very good turntable!

6/10 by monkeewax

had the same problem as previous reviewer with the speed selector switch. Otherwise a pretty decent everyday table. This was the first turntable i'd ever seen without a ground wire

7/10 by stepping_stone

I bought it for 60 EUR. Decent shape, even though I had an issue with a speed switch and a quartz lock. Contact cleaner applied on an inner part of the switch fixed it. Oh, and the part of the tonearm holding a counter-weight is made of cheap plastic. Overall, it's a good entry-level turntable. Works well with original Z1-S cartridge as well as AT95E.

7/10 by powerged

Mine has been working without problems for over 20 years

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