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JVC QL-5 Reviews

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10/10 by Bnulens

Underestimated turntable. Superb motor, quartz locked, and a fantastic, fully adjustable tonearm, a joy to use with different cartridges.

10/10 by rnforsberg

So happy with this table. First time I heard it I couldn’t believe how punchy it sounded. As if there was a expander / decompressor at work. Really solid tight fitting tone arm assembly. A fairly heavy vibration resistant deck. No frills, fully manual, stripped down with just the minimal functions done elegantly. This is a real musical instrument.

10/10 by fjlfour

This rating is for the price point of this turntable. It's a well engineered, extremely reliable table at an affordable price. I have the Victor version in rosewood. It's been going strong for over 30 years without a single problem. The platter brake is very impressive. The only design flaw is the separate counterweight shaft which will definitely sag with time.

6/10 by waynegon

Using it since 1980 have not changed a single part, only cover hinges have given way, at 30 yrs old does give a little problem at times.

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