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JVC L-F41 Reviews

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9/10 by Techman77

I have using this model for two years now. it is second hand and it works well, I tune in a little. it is very stable and quiet turntable. sound is very nice as well.

5/10 by reecewg

A great starter vintage turntable, it worked for about 2 months till the anti-skating went faulty. Maybe would of been a work horse back in the day but too much problems with the arm for me.

8/10 by Analog

Very much underrated as a turntable brand apart from the top QL range. The F41 is capable of high quality sound helped by its sturdy construction and excellent motor stability. The arm has good damping qualities and the motor well shielded so it works very well with Grado Prestige bodied carts. Changing the RCA output leads to something shielded and also upgrading the head shell leads are worthwhile upgrades. To lift the performance further consider adding damping to the plinth and underside of the platter. In a serviced state with the aforementioned mods it will impress.

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