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JVC L-A21 Reviews

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8/10 by doctor fuse

If plasticine is added to the inside of the platter and plinth, this turntable's performance improves greatly.

If the auto-return is not working, it is most likely an easy fix, opening it up and wiping the black foam which tends to smear along the auto-return mechanism over time. You will easily spot it. Just wipe it up, with a bit of isopropyl alcohol, and it should now work perfectly.

If you want to reoil the spindle (I use 10/30 motor oil), simply unscrew the lone screw on the spindle shaft inside, and the spindle will come out. Use a Q tip to clean out any old lube, and add a bit of oil. Tighten the inner screw.

Enjoy some very good performance from this turntable!

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