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JVC JL-F45 Reviews

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8/10 by janikphoto

This is a heavy table! It's thoughtfully designed and all the components seem to be of high quality. It has one of the heaviest platters I've seen in a long time. It is missing a few adjustments that competing tables have, like VTA, but, it's still a real gem.

6/10 by cmfast

This deck looks a little cheap, but pick one up and you'll get a hernia. The recessed platter has more mass than you'd suspect. The plinth is substantial and probably could be better with some strategic damping. Performance wise it's pretty decent for an automatic. Lots of adjustment and options including a variable repeat (mechanical) function. The drive seems pretty decent too. The weak point is its mediocre arm. No VTA adjustment can frustrate. If the auto mechanics are good then it'd be a good 2nd or casual deck.

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