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JVC JL-F30 Reviews

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8/10 by Pedja

It is entry level turntable, but very solid and reliable piece of equipment. And with modern cartridge you can get even better results. As caputto70 wrote, it is not high end, but in my opinion it is a very nice working turntable for daily use. I put thick wooden plate with springs underneath and that's about everything this turntable missed to give the best it can.

8/10 by caputto70

This was my first vinyl project. But the model was JL-F35. Looks the same. Belt driven with a lot of automatic options. Repeat record. Choose how many times you want to repeat the record. Sold it to a friend cheap. He was very satisfied. He said it was \handicap adaptive equipment\. Maybe not hi en audiofil stuff, but turntable for the hwo want it easy. Fairly good quality to mecanicaly.

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