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JVC AL-F350 Reviews

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8/10 by gak0090

This is a decent TT. The undercarriage is all metal and the top is plastic. It's not that light, and it's fully automatic. This was about $110 the year it came out, I bought one in college. This isn't an audiophile TT, but it's also not $500+. It does well for the price and if you understand sound, it's not hard to isolate the vibration (if that's an issue). Tone arm is light with good tracking so it won't trash your vinyl like the new cheap TT will. If you are wondering about the cord with the 1/8 inch jack that comes out of the back, that was for the JVC compu-link system. You plug that into the JVC receiver and you could start and stop the TT with the remote. MY TT is 35 years old now, I just replaced the belt but everything else works fine (speed, sensors, automatic functions, tone). My daughter wanted a TT for Christmas, so I'm setting her up with this, a MM cartridge pre-amp and some powered speakers for her room.

3/10 by Electone

Basically black plastic crap. Light and highly susceptible to vibration.

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