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JH Reproducers Synchronous Turntable Reviews

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JH Reproducers Synchronous Turntable

JH Reproducers Synchronous Turntable

8/10 by jabarte1

JH Reproducers were sold as kits and as various levels of complete turntables from a company based in Melbourne Australia.
Simplicity is the design concept. Some would say the K.I.S.S. principal, others would say the I.T.S.S. principal. ( its too simple stupid ).
Due to the varying guises of this brand its not possible to give an out of 10 rating, however the best of these turntables are better than many of their peers and certainly far better than some of the amateur reviews would indicate, and in their day, they were substantial for the price.
I have a family connection with JH and have had the pleasure of hearing many variations. I curently own and are running 5 audiophile custom versions and challenge anyone to find substantial fault with them.
The budget models in poor condition can be discouraging, but leave alot of room for tinkering.
Generally the tone arms were very good. Around a dozen arms were used, including ( but not limited to ) Acos lustre, Sansui, Formula four' Mayfair, Tokyo sound, Excel, Rega, SME, etc of various models.

Increased mass to platter and plinth will do wonders.
Isolating the motor from its mount plate with the use of neoprene grommets and subsequent spindle height adjustment employing a small ball bearing is a huge improvement.
Direct wiring with a reputable tone-arm wire to Gold RCA outs with earth point and independent earth to chassis will make it whisper quiet.
Removing the power cord and correct wiring to an iec input socket is a good upgrade too.
The mods are endless and any problems you might encounter can be resolved.
Well worth setting one up properly.

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