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ION Audio iTTUSB Reviews

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1/10 by eveares

Not worth it for the money; it is flimsy, prone to the slightest vibration, runs to fast and comes with the worlds worst cartridge! Also USB out is noisy.

Avoid it!!!

1/10 by historian1

A friend gave me this because he waited too long to return it before setting it up and realized he had been had. I figured an extra turntable would not be bad especially since it was free. I was amazed at how awful it was. It had so much rumble that I thought they had brought back the old idler wheel technology. I was amazed that it was a belt drive since it sounded so noisy. It had a very noticeable random variation in pitch and it was brand new! The tone arm had a lot of play and the overall sound was surprisingly bad. Cheap construction, low manufacturing tolerances. I sure would have been upset if I had laid out money for it. Avoid this stinker at all costs.

1/10 by Phonofilia1

It would be difficult for me to say anything nice about this sorry junk. It is cheaply made and overpriced even at that for what it is and has nothing to recommend it. It sounds like the POS that it is. For not much more money you can buy new the vastly superior Audio Technica PL120USB. If you are on a tight budget go to eBay and get just about anything else used and it will sound better for less $$$ than this thing.

7/10 by yig

Good budget turntable for beginners and for those who just want to convert their old album collection to digital files with fairly resonable quality. This particular model lacks a cover so be prepare to wipe of dust often before using. I just put mine away in the original box, or just lay a clean cloth cover over it if I plan to leave it out for the next day, but this not the reason I give it a seven rating.

The pros:
This turntable has the minimum of the important basic features that a turn table should have; such as, quick screw off of the cartridge, anti-skiping dial, tone arm counter wieght, wide rubber adjustable feet, 33 and 45 rpm speeds, belt drive, two easy to access start/stop buttons, and magnetic cartrige.

Even though it came with a non-static with felt mat there is still a considerable amout of noise that seems to come through the platter. For instance, one time durring a recording through a slient track, I was able to pick up my wife's voice talking to me. (Perhaps an extra open-cell-foam rubber mat placed between the platter and the felt mat might help) This ability to pick up noise through the platter also picks up a trace amount of motor noise. A nusance is the gain adjustment which is located at the bottom side of the unit. No way to adjust the gain durring a playback unless there is an opening through the table/stand the unit is place on. Not sure what is the logic for placing the gain adjustment there.

Other thoughts:
I got this turntable as a Christmas present from my brother, and I have been happy with the results so far. I am on my second needle and I adjusted the cartrige angle as per Vinylengine's posted articles and used a digital scale to apply 3 grams of stylus pressure to give me a better sound quality than what came out of the box. Also, I seem to get better sound resolution/quality with the RCA jacks than using the USB option.

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