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Hitachi PS-38 Reviews

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Hitachi PS-38

Hitachi PS-38

8/10 by Electone

Beautiful looking and sounding manual table manufactured by CEC.

9/10 by Seangbadee

This is a very solid turntable if you can find one in good condition. I found one, changed out some electronics, upgraded the RCA wires, restored the plinth with Brazillian rosewood veneer in place of the vinyl veneer it was covered in. I got deoxIT cleanee and cleaned out the controls and lubed with faderlube.
I put a shure M44-7 cartridge and stylus on amd this is a phenomenal unit.

10/10 by grahamwl

Recently acquired one of these hugely attractive and competent turntables, which typify the mid-to-late seventies Japanese designs of the time. Well done Hitachi. Luckily, mine is complete with original Hitachi-branded VM cartridge (an Audio Technica)and headshell. The PS-38 employs the ubiquitous Matsushita motor.

10/10 by StarFlash

I purchased this turntable back in 1978 as part of my Hi-Fi set up. Has been great. Unit was in storage until recently when I decided to archive my record collection onto computer. On switching on I found the speed control very erratic and unstable, so after a quick google I ended up cleaning the 2 speed pots and the micro-switches and the unit is performing as new again. Great unit.

10/10 by NewtonUI

Great weight.Great legs.Solid platter that is very accurate and forgiving to the most warped record.Simple and elegant design.Great arm, counterweight, and headshell.Can not say enough good things about this deck.

6/10 by Hausekar

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