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Hitachi PS-15 Reviews

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Hitachi PS-15

10/10 by mfsibbald

WOW, lets not tell anyone about Hitachi decks. Well made. Sound Great. Not sought after, great buys,,, shhhh. Dont tell the audiofool crowd about them. Any way, this deck is warm and quiet, I have about 16 records from Live recordings of Taj Mahal to horny jazz played on this deck and I just love it. Its true I have had about 6 beer while listening but I assure you I think this is the best TT I have heard out of my 8 tables I have running. I am sure like all the other companies they surrendered to the plastic fantastic revolution, but the PS-15 is VERY worthwhile. I got mine for ridiculous cheap, so what I paid is not worth mentioning in terms of value, if you find one and don't want it email me....great TT, total sleeper.

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