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Hitachi HT-350 Reviews

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Hitachi HT-350

Hitachi HT-350

7/10 by ronnieh

Hard to complain too much about a turntable I saved from trash (rubbish) pickup one evening, a few blocks from my home.

The direct drive is a feature, as I'd tired of replacing belts on both the old Technics and AR turntables I had. I had sold the AR to a friend who wanted to set up a truly vintage audio system, and sold the Technics via Craigslist (here in the US). I still had about 300 records, however, which I couldn't bring myself to part with, so getting this turntable was serendipity.

When I first powered up the turntable, the speed control was quite erratic. This ended up being just dirt in the control, and a bit of contact cleaner, and working the knob a bit got it functional. In general, it just needed cleaning up.

It seems to perform certailny as well as the plastic Technics I had before, and I do like having the speed control. It is quite adequate for my current needs.

5/10 by RickDD

Just took this TT out from storage and it would not start. After some troubleshooting I found that the halls effect sensor was way out of spec i.e. 368 ohms as opposed to 210 max. Needs motor replacement so sad I am not ABLE TO LOCATE one.

5/10 by froady

I had the same issue as wega, would only twitch and needed to be hand started. Found that the FG preamp
was self oscillating. Changing C01 to a 47uf cured it.

7/10 by tanman

If you are having problems with this table starting it is usually the micro switch lever lube gummed up.

If your having problems with the platter starting to rotate then stops RECAP THE BOARD
This fixed my table. C08 & C11 10uf 16v caps were way out of spec but I just replaced all 16 caps.

Hope this helps to get your table going!

7/10 by wega

A friend asked me to look after this TT. It only started to turn on 33 after being pushstarted, but 45 worked fine. After checking the Service Manual (found on Vinyl Engine), I decideded to replace the C 01 Electrolytic Capacitor. That did the trick and the deck worked fine after re- adjusting both speeds with the internal pots.
This is a nice deck from the late '70s that outraces each new Denon 250,- $ or similar plastic deck. Stable and reliable DD Motor even if the electronics need some maintenance after35 years. Good midclass tonearm with SME mount, so it is easy to change and upgrade headshells and cartridges. Nice feature is the holder in the left-back for a spare headshell. I would recommend this deck as a possible bargain if you find a runner- otherwise you should be prepared to replace dryed-out capacitors.
Have fun, Stefan

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