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Hitachi HT-320 Reviews

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Hitachi HT-320

Hitachi HT-320

8/10 by mike369

I dont give anything a 10, just because I havent seen it all. but, this Hitachi HT320 is a very nice, smooth turntable, very user friendly. with a cue arm that Will automatically move the tone arm to the rest with a simple flick. no need to touch or manually lift the arm. The negatives are when it returns the tone arm to the cradle it doesn't leave the cue in the up postion like my Sansui Sr does, so you have to remember to push the cue bar to the up positon or remember to be careful not to drop the needle on a record when you go to play it.. other than that, if you can find a clean one. I paid 65 for mine with a AT11 cartridge already installed. probably paid too much for it. I upgraded with an AT 6006 with a nude elliptical needle. sounds great. anyone who picked one of these up, leave a response and let me know what you paid and what cartridge you are using.

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