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Harman Kardon ST5 Reviews

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Harman Kardon ST5

Harman Kardon ST5

9/10 by slshearer

Quality design, Great Track-ability on warped records, Very quiet manual table, Typical Harman Kardon quality. This model solved the speed inaccuracy as the motor was changed from the ST7 and ST8 turntables, When changing the belt be careful some belys claimed to work are too short, the correct size is Belt Measurements - 22.4 x 0.155 x 0.030

I am suing both of these turntables and I have a Dual 701 and Oracle Delphi with MK 3 Upgrades with 3009 Series SME arms and find these HK decks can provide a high quality sound for Vinyl enthusiasts

Enjoy & Rock on!

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