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Goldring G99 Reviews

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Goldring G99

Goldring G99

10/10 by pmountfo

This is the Lenco that Lenco never made. Whereas the heavy platter Lencos have a pressed steel top-plate that is prone to flex and onto which the tonearm is also mounted, the Goldring is a true transcription turntable. The smaller, platter-hugging footprint of the G99 top-plate means that though it is also pressed steel it is more rigid. The tonearm can be mounted directly onto a plinth isolating it from the chassis. (This can be done with the heavy platter Lencos but involves significant modification - basically cutting them up).

In a good heavy plinth with a good tone arm and some more modest mods, such as a high spec third party main bearing and a collar ring, you have a potential giant killer.

If you see one and are prepared to spend some extra money on these mods then grab it without hesitation. Wild horses couldn’t tear mine from my hands...

9/10 by Noj2015

I got one of these in need of restoration in the original horribly resonant match wood plinth. Once fully serviced and mounted in a solid oak custom made plinth it became a Sondek beating beast. Oh the bass !! Has superb dynamics due to truly massive platter that spins forever. The motor is so large and bullet proof it could power a washing machine. Make sure the idler wheel and its bearing is in good nick. Spindle diameter can sometimes be too big for some vinyl pressings - I've had to lightly file out a couple!

9/10 by ovalmarc

When working well as good as a garrard 401, but at less cost.

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