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Goldmund Studietto Reviews

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Goldmund Studietto

Goldmund Studietto

10/10 by antennaguru

Over the past 17 years I have used Koetsu, Lyra, and Zyx cartridges on my direct drive Goldmund Studietto turntable with belt drive linear tracking Goldmund T-5 tonearm. It has always rewarded me with amazing sound, including an extraordinarily large soundstage, deep accurate bass, and it makes most record noise almost disappear compared to other turntables!!! I use a small amount of damping fluid in the tonearm's fluid well, a record clamp/weight as shown in the picture, and I also substituted three Sorbothane hemi-spheres for the three suspension springs (by inverting the adjusters on their threaded shafts when I removed the springs and inserted the hemi-spheres).

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