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Gemini XL-DD20 Reviews

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Gemini XL-DD20

Gemini XL-DD20

3/10 by Alvabass

Well, this is not an absolute piece of garbage in my opinion, but it has some issues that annoy the hell out of me:

1. Cartridge azimuth is WAY off, and no way to adjust it. I'd like to know if every XL-DD20 is like this, or if just mine has that problem.

2. Don't trust the counterweight scale ring measurements! After checking the VTF with a digital gram scale, I realized the dreadful measurement layout on that scale ring.

3. The strobe lights are supposed to stand still at the pitch controls' center click position, but it's not like that. There's a little offset to get the right speed.

4. The amount of speed fluctuation after using the 33/45 switch is incredibly high. You must play a little with that switch to get a steady speed.

This is a more than good turntable for someone who just wants to play records without thinking/worrying about any nuances, as most (if not all) average listeners in my country were before the Internet days. But if you are into a correctly set up turntable, don't even look at this one.

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