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Garrard Type A Reviews

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Garrard Type A

Garrard Type A

10/10 by Phonofilia1

The 4 speed Garrard Laboratory A is the stereo successor of the amazing RC88 for the early 1960"™s. Its glory lies in its changer mechanism which babies 78RPM records. In a standard spindle type changer the center hole in heavy 78rpms are easily gouged out. Since it pushes from the side this damage does not happen. Pulling the center spindle out when the stack is finished makes removing them much easier than other changers. 45s play well on it too with the optional 45 adapter. The big advantage over its ancestors is the new tone arm that Garrard designed for it. It is lighter and better tracking and much more customizable, although anti-skate was a thing of the future when it was designed. It is built like a tank and even though mine is nearly 50 years old runs like new. I would not recommend it for new high quality vinyl records, but if you like to stack vintage 78s or early mono LP and use a triple play GE RPX or VRII cart like I do this TT can not be beat. It will play stereo with a stereo cart and will do a good job if properly adjusted, but bear in mind this is 1962 audiophile and all idler drive turntables have a noticeably higher rumble on high quality records. All in all a great TT.

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