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Garrard SP 25 Reviews

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Garrard SP 25

Garrard SP 25

9/10 by branarad

Mark IV was inside my first record player with built-in amplifier and speaker set by Yugoslav brand Iskra, named hi-fi. It gave me 10 years of pure listening enjoyment. Its performance was only beaten by Thorens 126 electronic, that I got in 1991, and have ever since.

7/10 by Discom1970

Very happy with my mk2 except the cueing action, which tends to break stylus. Do it manually, carefully without alcohol involved and you can't go wrong.

7/10 by IanTimothy

I rate this TT. It is a seriously underrated disk spinner. I have one which I seem to use more often than my project and lenco - There is something 70's about the way the records sound. I used to use it for charity shop LP finds! Its now become my favourite ! Strange but true - Very good TT bound to increase in value.

8/10 by tokairic

This was my first stereo deck in 1970. Mounted it into a home made plinth and bought the best simple amp I could afford and a pair of speakers with separate woofers and tweeters built into home made cabinets. It was all the best I could afford at age 16, which by no means would be the best quality, however it produced a great sound for me at the time playing my Deep Purple and Who albums.
I recently (2015) dug it out of the loft where it has been stored in a cardboard box for over thirty five years and after a clean and lube and a new stylus it worked flawlessly. I doubt you could do that with any of the new hi tech stuff on the market today.
Sturdy and simple, built to last, even if it isn't the highest quality available. It did the job for me at age 16 and its still going strong now I am 59.

10/10 by mediasound2

I'm giving it 5 stars because it was, and still is exceptional value for money. For a large quantity, mass produced turntable and arm, that combines good looks with reasonable quality it is hard to beat. Easy maintenance and reasonable quality parts explain why it has lasted so well. The Morris Minor of decks. A true workhorse!

7/10 by Bjerremann

A very nice record player, if you like vintage equipment and likes it simple when it comes to repairs. Very few electronics inside. It only took a new cable and some cleaning/lubrication, for me to get an old one going, that had been sitting on an attic for ages. The sound may vary, depending on the cartridge mounted. 7/10 from me, just for being simple and vintage!

7/10 by Jurek

After replace conection cables and cartridge AT12 E and good set up, sound great very good for rock, easy service(for me),prices for this funny ,my old favourite.

6/10 by russellswanborough

This was another of my first reasonable quality turntables. It was a medium-fi work-horse and, like the AT6, responded very well. It's a collectors item now.

1/10 by desertdog

in its day was used rather a lot by manufacturers as a turntable to use with there stereo equipment. was a bit of a joke realy only worthy of playing 7 singles at a party when no one cares what it sounds like.

5/10 by ugougo

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