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Garrard SL 95B Reviews

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Garrard SL 95B

Garrard SL 95B

8/10 by macbeth2003

If you find one of these used, it is probably going to need a little work. The grease turns to glue, and will all need to be removed and replaced. You may also have to rough up the idler wheel a bit with a green scratchy pad, or very gently with sandpaper.
If you do these things, you will be rewarded with a nice sounding turntable, with auto start and stop. Oh and also if you can find one with the wood base, it is absolutely beautiful. People comment on it all the time in my house, whereas my other turntables never get a mention.

5/10 by kaplang

Who's the idiot that uploaded only 1/3 of the service manual? Why even bother?. What a waste of time.

7/10 by youngf

This was my first legitimate turntable that I bought back in 1973 to use with my new Kenwood KA 4002. I was instantly attracted to it's styling; lots of chrome trim, and that wood inlay on the tonearm with the little window for stylus pressure. It soon began to show the infamous Garrard auto function failures due to Garrard's extreme over greasing. If you are up to the task of spending the better part of a day overhauling one of these, they will last a lifetime.
On the downside, the plated plastic control levers are kind of a cheap out for Garrard. The ring shaped tonearm bearing is only for show, and I find this arm does not track well at stylus pressures under 2g. It works best with a cartridge that tracks at 1.5 to 3g.
I also bypassed the mute switch because it constantly malfunctioned.

7/10 by Zaimejs

I have very little to compare this to, but it was the first vintage player I found for $50 and it's given me 3 years on top of its original 40. It takes work to get working and keep working, but the mechanics are simply miraculous. I can watch the changer do its thing over and over.

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