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Garrard GT55 Reviews

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Garrard GT55

Garrard GT55

8/10 by cockey

I purchased a Garrard GT55P if I remember correctly in the Autumn of 1978. I was so excited as I had saved for what seemed an eternity to afford one, I did have my eye on a Rotel DD turntable but plumbed for the GT55P due to the better reviews and the major plus of having a Shure V15 cartridge.

This turntable performs faultlessly, it tracks beautifully as you would expect with the zero tracking tonearm and believe me this does make a difference. Speed control is spot on the only criticism being it could have done with a separate pitch control for both 33 & 45rpm. This turntable did not need to be fully automatic and the plinth I have replaced with a custom made unit much more suited to a turntable of this quality. I have an SL-110 with SME & V15, the GT55P is better that says it all.

8/10 by Jedimasta67

I've owned this unit for about 5 years now. inherited it from an audiophile relative who gave me his Ohm I speakers and pioneer VSX D1S. After it sitting for a while I had to get the auto retract to work properly and replace the speed light and so far it has served me well. i made a home made base For it due to the fact I had to pull it out of a dresser drawer mounted base. It has very light platter noise and the sure 15 III is a good cartridge for this player.

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