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Garrard DD75 Reviews

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Garrard DD75

Garrard DD75

8/10 by ebcdic

These are nice turntables. Picked one up online for the cost of the cartridge I was after so table was essentially a throw-in. Tone arm is nice. Plinth is solid MDF with veneer on top. Motor was actually sourced from technics so also solid. Sounds and runs great. Also is pretty cool looking. Can be had for lower than similar constructed tables of the era. May hold onto this one for a bit.

8/10 by mcallester

Just picked one up on eBay, and I'm pretty impressed. Easy to operate, sounds decent, looks pretty cool.

2/10 by turntableguru

Ugh, This is quite possibly the worst turntable I have ever owned. An arm stolen from the Garrard parts bin from a 10 inch platter model means this thing can not track any lp that has the slightest warp. A cheesy wobbly plastic head-shell and cartridge slide hearkens back to their models that graced so many all in one stereo units. Then lets examine the lift- Plessey film capacitors blow like popcorn rendering the lift and its Rube Goldberg/breaker plate design useless. The neon bulbs always burn out, and Garrard and their infinite wisdom replaced a working Japanese power supply designed for the motor they chose with Lucas electrics like prone to failure in house electrics. The only brilliant thing they did was choosing a Japanese motor which is shared with some top notch Micro Seiki. Garrard was famous for stamping out steel plinths and they continue the tradition here-under that magnificent platter is a mostly steel plinth. The Teak units are beautifully made. the common (US) Rosewood/Silver are down right ugly. The black ones are rather eye catching. You could spend a lot less and get far more from a bunch of plastic Yamaha, Technics or Hitachi. Back in the day these were available all over Chicago-land for $40-$60 bucks brand new. Stay away from this thing unless you like shredding vinyl. The arm simply sux and the plinth is too small to fit a proper arm. You could do what I did, replaced all the shoddy 1970 English electrics, removed the motor and placed it in my own plinth cut for a Rega arm. The guys that invented the 301 and 401 are shaking their heads. The accountants at Plessey won.

8/10 by mopargoob

I also had the issue of erratic speed control. I removed the bottom cover and cleaned all connections and used electronic cleaner on the speed potentiometer. put new audio cables on and reassembled. it has worked flawlessly for years since.
it has a Shure V15 type III cartridge and every other cartridge I have tried fails to meet the sound quality of the Shure.

7/10 by Greenienet

I used a DD75 for almost 2yrs 2009-2011 as my main spinner. It kept that role mainly because my wife liked (well would put up with) it's looks. Nice (unless it peels) wood veneer base with what looks like the arm off the SB125 give it clunky good looks. I think this was Garrard's first stab at a Direct Drive TT. The strobe light often goes, I wired in a replacement green neon which worked well. The speed controls on mine always gave problems and I understand this was an issue from early days. Though there are extra adjustment controls on the base (33 + 45) the main speed controls always struggled to keep in range and not drift. It did however manage to produce good quality sounds matched with a Ortofon VMS5 cart. Eventually I found an acceptable replacement (looks wise!) so the DD75 was sold as parts/repair at a highly inflated price. Pros = nice (if you like retro) looks, Garrard without idler/melted belt issues, semi auto. Cons = speed control/stability, Garrard cartridge slide in holders.

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