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Garrard AP76 Reviews

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Garrard AP76

Garrard AP76

10/10 by DSJR

MUCH better than you may think :) and yes, I'm biased a bit because an AP76 was the first 'HiFi' deck I ever owned, back in 1972. This sample was sadly a 'Friday afternoon' job with tatty finish on screw heads, a platter edge that went up and down very noticeably and wobbled on its bearing and trip pawls that didn't work properly below 1.75g, but having later played with samples that were shedloads better, I had a hankering for another, some forty years on.

ALL old Garrards from the 70's if not before, need at least a partial strip down, degrease, trip pawls cleaning and re-assembling 'dry' and some TLC with regards to exit cables and earthing in general - oh yes, there's an o-ring under the platter gearing that quietens the auto mechanism to check as well. Get this done, fit a kindly cartridge that doesn't feed loads of energy into the flimsy arm (AT120E plus cheaper siblings are a fine start) and prepare to be delighted by a light and sweet sonic nature, with drive noise/rumble well suppressed and an effective mechanism. This sample I have now, has a main bearing with very little 'rock,' the platter edge hardly moving up and down either, the trip assembly, once de-gunked, is smooth and works fine down to a gramme or so and the overall finish is fine.

I love this deck and am genuinely surprised just how nice it sounds. It won't rock the audiophile market, but I can very much enjoy music played via this deck. It's got more 'personality' about it than the undoubtedly better engineered and higher class Dual decks as well...

I love mine and it's the joint favourite Garrard of my collection (the other is a Lab 80mk2).

8/10 by Chambi95

Silent, reliable, good arm. Needs relub and mechanical adjustments for better results.
On mine, platter is 292 mm, as large as Zero-100 models, not 267 mm.

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