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Garrard 401 Reviews

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Garrard 401

Garrard 401

10/10 by Phil50

Having owned my 401 from New in 1974, it has always done its job perfectly.

I have recently replaced the SME III (S) with an SME Series V and the cartridge was a SHURE V15-MR replaced with a SHURE ULTRA 500 (using the same stylus)

Well the difference is about 500% and worth every penny spent.

There is much nonsense around about turntables , how they, sound yip yap yip yap etc, etc.

A turntable really only has to rotate at at constant speed without introducing noise and the 401 does this with ease.

I auditioned and SME turntable but decided why pay over £5000 when what I paid £49.95, does the job as well if not better!!!

I am delighted, Mozart has never sounded better.

all the best to what was the best of British manufacturing

9/10 by plexi

the nicest table I've come across. Worth the current price ($1000-1300 as july 2016). Timing is right on. Piano is as nice as i've heard. No warble on sustaining chords. Much better in that respect to my thorens 125 or rega p6. Built very solid and looks simple to repair. I use a rega rb303 arm in custom plinth. Probably the last table I'll use. Also using a lenco l70 which i have not been able to dial in as well yet. Compared to thorens/AR style belt drive the garrard sounds like more solid and steady (i.e. resolved).

10/10 by jusbe

Ignore the review where the user suffered rumble from poor set-up. Installed correctly and in a modern fashion (with a massive plinth, CLD or slate preferred), you'll never need another deck. As part of an appropriate vinyl system, it can be wonderfully refined and insightful.

Wonderfully authoritative, accurate, great bass power (with no rumble) and fantastic timing, The 401 continues to offer you a direct path into your music collection. It's like a direct injection of fun into your musical veins!

9/10 by mlinvpp

Upgraded from a Rega RP3, IMHO, it's a huge step up, pairing the 401 with a SME 3009 S2 arm - I'm very satisfied! Even though it took me nearly a year to finish this project, all the effort has been well paid off.

10/10 by Fatboyriding

Am on my 2nd 401 which I have just installed in a plinth custom made specifically for me by Slateage out of 50mm Cumbrian slate, which together with an original Mission 774 and a Cartridge Man Music Maker cartridge is producing the most detail and dynamic music I have ever heard - I am going through my library and listening to my collection and hearing aspects of recordings that were never as clear or well defined. Amazing!

10/10 by paolippe

Its Construction and durability are impressive. Very Easy to service and incredibly robust. It's important to safe it in a very heavy, but also snorkeled, wood plinth cause the motor needs air especially if you'll make long listenings. The sound is warm and detailed, but more dynamic compared to Thorens TD 126 or Linn LP12. It's similar to Denon DP-3000 as velocity and dynamics.
Perfect with Rega RB 250 altough every kind of tonearm will work properly. I've tried it with many cartridges: Denon DL 103, Supex 900 and Stanton CS100 the best results.

8/10 by VPogozhev

It's a perfect tool to get the essence of the vinyl. Does NOT pretend of being a CD or anything. Astoundingly musical, fleshy and vivid. Timbres are warm and a bit rusty, but truthfull. If u are looking for some refinement, forget about it and look elsewhere.

9/10 by Dr Pan K

built like a tank, easily serviceable, based on a good plinth will play music like few other tables. Bass is impressive !

8/10 by desertdog

Please see 301 for my review

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