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Garrard 301 Reviews

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Garrard 301

Garrard 301

5/10 by 58bry

My father had one of these in the 60s, Rumble from the idler drive was very noticable. He replaced it in the 70s with a Thorens/SME setup

10/10 by Doctor oldies

Superb. Great performance. The best ever made.

10/10 by stevied62

Squash ball plinth/Morch dp6/Zyx Fuji it sounds like heaven.

8/10 by kennethyuen

Don't have one but hear a few time in my friend's house. High Quality Broadcasting sound which is very suitable for playing classical music. Of course, tonearm and cartridge matching is critical as it belongs to vintage idle wheel design. You can't get any turntable more British than this one. Once you accept the way it presents, even Thorens td-124 may sound light-duty especially on bass extension.

10/10 by kttiong

If people are willing to pay big bucks for it, it is then self explanatory. A Good heavy plinth (a must), a good tonearm (say SME 3009/3012) tonearm and decent cartridge combo will guarantee to blow you away. Proven!

8/10 by russellswanborough

Also my first 'real' turntable. Very nice but rumble was a tiny problem. Until I got my first SP10...

8/10 by desertdog

This was the first high class turntable i had chance to own, very good performance, but compared with good belt drives slightly noisey mechanicaly. now fetch stupid money far beyond there worth. I changed my 301 for a 401 but found no audible difference. note this was through Ditton 66 speakers. from there i went belt drive with a Skan Dyna turntable with ortofon arm. not much heared about these nowadays but it out performed both the 301 & 401.

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