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Garrard 125SB Reviews

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Garrard 125SB

Garrard 125SB

7/10 by bob27162

A lot of people knock Garrard,s , and yes there are better , i,ve owned to many Garrards to count over the last 40 years most of them actually , except for a 301 or 401 , out of my price range i,m affraid . Some were pretty good , and some not so good , but this little deck as far as im concerned is really good . if you buy one with a Shure cartridge , bin it , on mine i changed the phono leads for some quality ones and after trying various carts , i stuck with an Ortofon om20 . Suddenly this little machine came to life . great high,s and lows , through all genres of music . If you can get one of these at a good price as i did buy it , you can,t go wrong . The low floor is great compared to the idler drive versions , with hardly any noise . Just a nice clean sound .

5/10 by reedy1

iv'e just got hold of one thats been kept in its original box for 30 years ! i wasn't expecting much but got a pleasant surprise, first impressions are what a horrible cheap arm ! it stated on the box ' fitted with sure m75 cart' and that was surprise number 1 ! surprise 2 was that the speed when checked with a strobe was spot on and very stable. its not going to keep any true audiophile happy but was never in that kind of category but does sound quite nice with good bass but a little shy on top end. in general built quite well but the arm lets it down as is very flimsy, a shame really as otherwise a nice low budget deck.

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