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Fluance RT85 Reviews

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Fluance RT85

Fluance RT85

10/10 by newriverrat

Fluance RT 85W

Fluance RT 85W

After getting a desire for a new turntable, reading countless reviews, and watching way too many videos to mention, I became aware that the Fluance RT 85 kept making the short lists. Obviously, there are less and less brick and mortar dealers in 2019, a test listen was unfortunately out of the question. The only places to purchase were on-line. I committed sight unseen and unheard.
I ordered from the company on November 8th, received November 11th. I opened an extremely well packaged collection of various components to assemble, and never once did I feel overwhelmed during assembly. The manual was on top, exactly where it should be. After well less than maybe a half of an hour, it was playing. The Ortofon 2m Blue was mounted and aligned perfectly, while the white linen gloves were a must to attach the acrylic platter. There is no type of platter mat, however I do not see the need for one. The belt used to drive the turntable was an easy install around the platter and the shaft on the servo motor shaft. The specs said the motor adjusts the RPM’s 500 times per second. I love the look of the walnut on the very substantial plinth. There are no mechanical or electrical extras included save the auto-stop. After the end of the play, the platter spins about First impression was that this was a keeper.
I must add that during the break-in, my Klipsch tweeters were replaced, the speakers were bi-wired, and lastly the “too lively, too harsh” new receiver was replaced with a one-owner Harman/Kardon 730 from 1976. This latter combo has been in use most for the majority of my listening.
I’m listening to as many variables as possible (for me) concerning my vinyl. Old, new, NM condition, good condition, rock, country, folk, etc., etc. I’ll admit that I’m no audiophile, just the beast that needs soothing by pleasant sounds. I love listening, and the RT 85 with the Ortofon 2m Blue is an answer to a question that I had really never asked. This combination is fabulous! Yes, the cart is very sensitive and surface noise and trapped particulates are audible, but not so much to the degradation of the playback. It is vinyl, after all.
I can not call this turntable entry level, nor can I call it audiophile level. I can call it one of the best points of diminishing return purchases I have ever made. It simply oozes with a retro feel, a great inclusion of quality, and a sound that I can live with for quite a while.

Upon opening the box:
User’s Manual
RT85 walnut plinth
Dust Cover
Head shell
Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge
Counter weight
Acrylic Platter
Power Adapter
Ground Wire x2
45 Adaptor
Motor Cap
Lifetime Customer Support
2 Year Manufacturer’s Direct Warranty

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