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Fluance RT81 Reviews

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Fluance RT81

Fluance RT81

10/10 by CharlyChukl

Value packed, includes auto stop. With $50 amazon promotional gift card was $200. Works better without grounding on my recapped Pioneer SA-6500II using the pioneers phono input. Some stylus upgrades for the stock AT95E cartridge. Have not needed to use the pitch trim pots located under the plinth. I listen to LP's more than any other format, mainly classical and some jazz. Can not handle CD's any more, too much listener fatigue. After going through a score of turntables in the past few years, some vintage/some new this is my keeper. If there was any alternative I might have gone with a U-turn Orbit but do not think that has auto stop like this. Very classy, substantial heft although platter is average. As with all my decks I use a cork mat and platter weight. I am a musician in my 60's and play fender bass along with the tunes on my Fluance RT81 Turntable. Using refurbished Original Large Walnut Advent's in front and Original Small Advent's in back (Small advents powered by recapped Lafayette).

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