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Fisher MT-6225 Reviews

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Fisher MT-6225

8/10 by victorysonics

Very nicely made unit,surprisingly so. on par with direct drive pioneer 518 but better motor. Looking good too and easy to veneer.

9/10 by VintagePJA

The linear is quiet and strong. The result is a direct drive with low wow and flutter and low rumble. Only taking off a.point because the dustcover is thin and smoked. Same build in some ways to a Sanyo I owned so I am thinking made by CEC. Overall very nice. Review for the MT6224.

10/10 by TD165User

Finally got one after 7 years of looking

7/10 by vexorgtr

I got one of these at an estate sale. The condition was very good. With a fresh cartridge, and some tune-up/clean up... it's a very solid unit. The direct drive is whisper quiet, and the arm is made with very good precision. A great general purpose deck.

9/10 by navydiver

First turntable I have ever owned. Bought it overseas (West Germany Canadian military Base ) brand new circa 1978 and was deeply satisfied with it for many years. Want to get back into vinyl so am seeking one out to put together my original stereo system from back in the day. All the way there except this turntable. Pioneer SA-9500Ii, TX-8500Ii, SG-9800, HPM-100 and this

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