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FONS CQ30 Reviews

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9/10 by turntableguru

I would concur with the prior reviews. Mine which I unpacked from decade or more of storage has an issue- 33 rpm does not immediately come on! If I leave it on for an hour or so it comes up to speed. 45 and 78 are instantly up to speed. I suspect a cap and the schematic here (thank you!) may lead to some clues, but has anyone else found a remedy for a similar situation?

7/10 by Terry Robinson

A classic gramophone. Fitted with an SME 3009 Series II (Improved) pickup arm it is capable of superlative results. I just listened to an Lp of Favourite Overtures played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra con-ducted by Sir Thomas Beecham and the sound just blew me away. I like the fact that it plays records of virtually any speed (30-90 r.p.m.) and that the suspension is easy (if fiddly) to adjust. The only thing that lets the side down is the less-than-brilliant build quality and the difficulty of replacing the belt.

8/10 by Richard Coxon

Very quiet turntable which is handsome in a traditional way.The electronic speed control is excellent.I fitted mine with a SME3009 improved with (temporarily) a Shure M97XE,which works well listening to classical.The downside is that belt changing will be a challenge and build quality raises a question on my example,which should be easy to rectify.

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