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Dual CS 741Q Reviews

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Dual CS 741Q

Dual CS 741Q

9/10 by ctr54089

I enjoyed my CS741Q turntable immensely until my power switch failed. It has a TKS MCC 120 cartridge and I am finding it hard to track down replacement stylus's. It was the best turntable I ever had. I just purchased a CS626 hoping it will fill the void.

8/10 by PetrosButros

Produced at the very last moment prior to the mass arrival of the CD, the 741Q was supposed to be the pinnacle of what was once a great range of fully automatic record players.

It was a typical product of the eighties with, unfortunately, like many others of that era, 'plastic' housing.

The 'plastic housing' was referred to as 'HDC' (High Damping Compound) with reinforcement bracing underneath.

It does not take away the cheap look of the plinth but for sure it does what is claimed, it damps pretty well..

The combo of the reso damping feet, sub chassis and Anti Tuning Resonator to counterbalance record induced arm resonation, does in my humble opinion work very well.

It is surely one of the most silent players I have ever owned that is really quiet in those record sections that carry no signal and have no audible 'microphonics' while tapping the plinth while playing a record.

The record 'collection' was left at my parents house and was transfered back to mine in 2011 after both had passed away.

In 2012 I pulled the 741 from the attick to give it a spin out of nostalgic feelings. Was disappointed to find that one of the TKS-60 lugs broke off when removing the cartridge..tried a repair but the cartridge looked to be a bit 'off' when mounted in the shell.

Bought a new TKS-45 with 145-E stylus on the web, as TKS60 was discontinued, found it sounded a bit dull and tried the original 160-E stylus onto the 45E cart and that made quite an improvement...until the infamous capacitor went up in smoke and the 'steuerpimpel'failed...but that was an easy fix..

So now and then I'm really enjoying listening to vinyl again..

Looks: 7-1/2
Build Quality: 8
Sound: 8-1/2

Of course pretty personal, but to my hearing the combo stylus 160-E, cartridge (TKS-45), receiver Denon DRA-210, and B&W DM220 makes it all sound very easy and well, I can listen to a couple of records in one session without getting tired...Maybe that is the thing with people claiming vinyl sounds 'better' because of what you don't hear in relation to digital music making it easier to listen too for longer periods of time..

Maybe, at least to me, the biggest advantage of vinyl over digital is that, provided your listening position is out of arms reach of your headshell..., you listen to all the tracks instead of zapping to the next of those you dismissed earlier. This allows you to learn to appreciate those tracks better over time...

Enjoy your vinyl.....


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