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Dual CS 606 Reviews

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Dual CS 606

Dual CS 606

9/10 by djdoo

I own one of these fine turntables.

7 years ago I made a full service to it in order bring it back to life dynamically let's say!

If you own a CS 606 you will notice that you cannot use any cartridge you d like or your money can afford, cause it uses that unique ultra low mass tonearm and cartridge system so it can be combined only with the Ortofon ULM55E cartridge and DN 155E styli (fortunately styli is still sold by ortofon suppliers at a reasonable price 60 Euros here in Greece).

Well I did a small research that time and found out that there is a kit which DUAL used to provide in order to make your CS 606 accept every 2 screw mounted classic cartridge! It's just a small adapter for the cartridge and an extra weight (it's like a thick coin) for the back of the tonearm. You fit your new classic mounted cartridge on the adapter and then fit the whole thing on the tonearm by the center screw, then you add the extra weight at the tonearms weight by one center screw adjust tonearm balance, pressure, anti skating and voila!!

The main problem is to find the kit. I was lucky enough back then cause Schneider(the company who acquired DUAL) was still working and I found the service lab in Athens so the technicians there mounted the Ortofon Super OM 20 cartridge I brought to them using this kit and also changed the damaged thin interconnect cables CS 606 had with ultra shielded thick ones with gold plated plugs. Well I believe an experienced electronic technician can make this job easily.

I put 9 as rating for the difficulty you will face in order to find the kit to make the ULM tonearm accept normal 2 screw mounted cartridges, but its own ULM55E is not bad at all for everyday usage (and its styli is still under production)so no need to change it if it is in good shape.

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