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Dual CS 530 Reviews

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Dual CS 530

Dual CS 530

10/10 by gregstbu2

Very surprised.
Picked one up for $7 at the local thrift store. Original ortofon 10 cartridge was bad so I decided to replaced it with the $30 ortofon Omega.
Since installation and set up, I have been very impressed. Very clear sound with even frequency response. Excellent tracking even on the inner grooves.
This turntable has an ultra low mass arm used on many duals of this era. I really like this arm. Very easy to align and seems to track better than my tables with the s shaped arms.
All in all, this is a great table. It sounds much better than my pioneer pl512 with empire 2000 e/111 cart. I cannot find any faults with it.

10/10 by Etudes

Great little turntable- durable. Sounds great- tight bass, nice big analog sound!

7/10 by jb11

solid good sounding turn table heavy platter made in Germany

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