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Dual CS 515 Reviews

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Dual CS 515

Dual CS 515

9/10 by norville rogers

Brillant entry level deck. Has all the features of the more pricey dual cs505 models. Like the ulm tone arm and same motor. Sounds brilliant to me.

9/10 by clau_bk

10/10 by shand1

An excellent turntable. I purchased it as the original owner in the mid 1980s. The only thing I have ever had to do was replace the RCA connectors.

8/10 by _DaveFelet_

A great entry level turntable, sounds very good, nice ULM arm.

8/10 by peter21

Nice turntable, very light weight, good ULM arm, came with a nice dual/ortofon cartridge and eleptical needle. Turns stable and very quiet. Sounds pretty good! This is a truly fine record player, no fuss!

9/10 by beedub

I thought all plastic, hmm, maybe not too good, BUT- a pleasant surprise after doing some minor work. With the dual/ortofon cartridge, proper setup and a new needle,I am getting superb sound from it.

7/10 by somuchcaacaa

It is a fine entry level table.
This is more about service info. If the speed control needs gross adjusting then the service manual instructions need to be altered a bit. It specifies to set the pitch dial in the middle position then adjust the potentiometer R9002 to set the speed, then adjust for 33 using R9003. This is true except that a printed strobe must be used for 45 (not the internal strobe). Then 33 can be adjusted using the internal strobe.

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