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Dual CS 505 Reviews

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Dual CS 505

Dual CS 505

10/10 by DrakenFireen

found my 505-2 beaten in a junk pile at my local pawnshop as the unit had cheap Chinese needle and cartridge with both belts snapped and grease hard as glue, also wood finish faded from weather damage, i took it home after offering to take it off there hands for free.

took a good wile to find a stylus cartridge were i dug it off my broken modern Audio Technica as i had a brand new MM stylus cartridge, the belts i ordered on ebay for a hefty fee since the tone control belt was a ribbed design that makes it not cheap, with that done i striped the machine bare and recapped the motor capacitors as it had a reversing issue when powered. lastly with the wood case exposed i sanded the wet marks down and re stained it with dark walnut oil.

reassembled the unit and to my amazment it sounded far better then i could ever imagine! it easily replaced my denon and Technics turn tables, despite not being full auto, the feel to flick the switch to see the needle slowly drop on the record with pin point precision with a properly set anti-skating adjustment.

unit is fully restored from its sad state when i found it, i took in the effort to fix it and its far worth it, i payed roughly 120$ cad to fully restore it, and the feeling that the case is re stained with clean finish by my hand adds a unique esthetics, its a show stopper were i live in my studio, as folks cannot take there eyes off this turntable as it pumps music in my PA system with the deep bass and almost perfect stereo separation from proper stylus azimuth setup as per manufacture settings.

only thing i wish i could get, is the Actual stylus from the manufacture as i cannot find it, but regardless MOST common cartridge will work, be sure to get a MM (Moving Magnet) to get that higher volume since MC (Moving Coil) tends to be quiet and requires a hefty Amplifier to boost it.

this record player is very impressive in the quality of the audio and its durability, from what happend to it before i got it most record players be tossed in the trash from craked plastics. this record player despite simple plain looking, that tone arm and the nice wood finis with a clear perspective lid gives it a class of its own, a true Underdog of the record players, with a big sound and dynamic sound from the good stereo separation despite its lack luster features being a belt drive and Semi-automatic its a true beginners HiFi to have and work on

9/10 by howard51

I was given two Dual turntables to repair in 2012, a CS-505-2 and a CS-505-4 Audiophile Concept. The latter just needed a new belt and was returned to its owner who very kindly let me keep the CS-505-2. This needed a new belt and also a new pitch control belt which even then was hard to find. The microswitch which turns on the turntable when the arm is moved to the record didn't work either. I managed to get one from the USA but I didn't need it, I managed to repair the existing switch with switch cleaner. I've used the CS-505-2 with its original Ortofon cartridge regularly since then, and it has worked well. A very competant, reliable and entertaining turntable with a very good cartridge which I've had no urge to upgrade.

10/10 by JeanPaul

Bought my 505-2 back in the eighties when production started again. So mine only shows 505 and not yet 505-2. I've used it for years with a Denon DL110. I know compliance wise not the best for an ULM arm. However this turntable kept me on my musical tracks for over 30 years. Got it fitted with a Van Den Hul interlink cable and cinch connectors which elevates the sound of this table to the max.

If your into starting with turntables AND wish for an semi automatic. These tables are great bargain and provide value and pleasure listening to. Probably would fit an Ortofon OM20-40 to it nowadays

I will regret selling it. For now It's time to move on and keep the fond memories. Replaced it recently (2018) with a Thorens TD 2001.

10/10 by savamac

Bought my CS505 circa 1983, used it for years, left in garage for years, revived a couple of years ago : new belt and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge installed - sounds terrific !!

PS Sansui 217 amp , Tannoy Mercury speakers.

10/10 by emptyk

I have had my Dual 505-1 since '70s. I've never had a problem with it. The best turntable I've owned. Dependable equipment. Bought it off the shelf in Buffalo, New York. Recorded a lot of 8-tracks and cassettes using this unit.

5/10 by divali

Very capable belt driven turntable. Will sound very good whatever setup is used. The only drawback I found was the headshell cartridge arrangement. It has a minute grub screw that has to be loosened and the pickup arm will release the cartridge and its mounting plate, which is important because without that the cartridge cannot be mounted. But that is the only setback with the Dual 505. I have had three and passed them on to very satisfied friends after upgrading to a Thorens 150. They Can be picked up very reasonably on Ebay.

8/10 by Booster

I just bought a used 505-3 after beeing away from vinyl for many years. What a joy to play vinyl again! This player is really good for a small price when you find a used one. I really recommend this one to anyone who's considering to go vinyl. I just can't stop playing records because it sounds so good! I have read that some owners have issues with the mechanics, and that's the downside of a semiautomatic machine. It needs more maintenance than a manual machine because there are more parts that can give trouble. But most issues seems to be easy to fix and the comfort of semi automation make up for that...i hope.

9/10 by DUAL2

What else can I rate a turntable that works flawlessly after 26 years of use? Wouldn't sell it or trade it for anything. German engineering is the best.

9/10 by aydin62

Today I sold my 505-1...
Really good and trustable design.My humble addition to this perfect machine,was a mahogany plinth...
Like an old Mercedes-Benz!

8/10 by fscl

Surprisingly solid performer and capable of good sound when it's well designed tonearm is matched with sutiable cartridge. My sorely neglected CS 505-1 Goodwill find restored nicely and delivers as a vintage vinyl front end.

7/10 by senso

i had cs 505-3 from 1987 to 1999 ,good buy with fine reliability, sweet and nice sound, at the begin à single ortofon om10 cart, later (after 92, à good grado zf3 cart, smooth and refined sound

8/10 by MusicalDreamer

I Bought mine on EBay about a year ago. My first start into the vintage turntable world. When I received it, It was in very good condition. I had originally planned to go completely through it. After connecting it up to my Kenwood receiver for initial testing, It sounded so good that I left it connected. So far all I have done is cleaned it well and have adjusted the stylus weight and tracking. I do still plan on replacing the belts and going through a complete arm alignment some time in the future. But for now I'm enjoying the sound of my old vinyl records so much that it would be hard for me to un-connect it to do the work.

9/10 by jimr3840

i have had my turntable since 1986 and the only problem i have ever had is a disintegrated pitch control belt. i have changed the drive belt twice only and of course the stylus has been changed numerous times. same original cartridge still in use today. not one complaint, excellent table.

8/10 by chanki88

i have used 505 & 505-4, both are good turntable. while 505-4 is better for me to change the cartidge for more up line prefrom. but 505 sound more solid and stronger bass which had been matched well with the daul cart. this is good for strater to enjoy music for lp.

8/10 by Enochrome

I agree with Jas. This was a starter table that I regret selling. It performed admirably without a single problem and it really made great music with Grado carts. It looked good too with the wood plinth. It's also has a suspended chassis which is preferred for belt drives, which might be the reason it gives off a warm tone with good base. The tonearm wiring is bargain basement and if you snap a cartridge lead, then it's time to flex your repair skills!

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