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Dual CS 5000 Reviews

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Dual CS 5000

Dual CS 5000

5/10 by KentT

A very good turntable but not great. $150-$200 too expensive when new. Speed stability good but not best. Should have been 2 speeds only, and should have had a better headshell system. Styling is among Dual's best. When this was new, US $50 more bought you the last model of the Thorens TD 160 new, which for that price, gave you a far superior stock tonearm, better motor, better heavier platter, and the ability to upgrade tonearms if desired. The Dual CS 5000 was too expensive for what you got in the USA marketplace. I'd call one a nice $250 turntable. But not a nearly $500 turntable. Dual's built better turntables, the 1019, 1229, and CS 701 as major examples of Dual at their finest.

10/10 by vagli

I bought this miracle in perfect condition by chance in 2001 for $ 50. I also have Dual cs 741, Technics SL 1015, Technics 1200Mk 2, ReVox B791.
What can I say? Dual, whichever of the vintage turntables you buy, when properly tuned, they all PLAY, then, like many turntables of well-known companies, how not to tune them, just sound. I have 5 VAT Headshels, on one is installed Dynavector DV Karat 17d3B but I listen to this head extremely rarely, on the others are installed SHURE V15 TypeIII, with Jico SAS, SHELTER 501-2 mono, Denon DL-102SD for 78 rpm and 2 spare Headshels.
I can safely say that after replacing the old belt to a new one, this is one of my best devices. (Not for sale)))

4/10 by LEDAVAY

Great look and great turntable. Quality belt is required. Had some hum problems with back signals connectors oxydized. Mine is from the 80 's and still work well.

10/10 by Zappman

Bought mine during the first year of sale beginning of the 80´is. Used in daily ever since then. Belt sensitive but otherwise no problem. Running it with a Yamaha MC 505, sounds amazing.

9/10 by rommerman

Had the CS5000 for a few years and it certainly does the trick. I use a Goldring Elan cartridge and it seems to work well. I also had speed problems for a while and my advice to anyone suffering from that problem would be to invest in a high quality belt. This often cures the problem and will avoid having to replace bits. The CS5000 is a futuristic turntable to look at and little within the modern market can touch its looks. Great for everyday listening.

9/10 by realgoodsound

Excellent table. Fine speed stability. VTA-adjustable headshell great if you can find the right setting (I'm thankful I could). Lovely to look at and well constructed. Think its sound is the best of all the Duals I've had - 1009, 1212, 1219, 1229Q, 622. Does well with all cartridges except the Grados - they hum. That's the only reason I don't give it full marks.

8/10 by mdbrown

One of the best turntables Dual has made, not THE best but one of. Yes it does use more plastic than I'd prefer but for the money I don't know how much of that could've been avoided. Yes, some (most?) will likely need at least the caps in the speed control replaced but once done this is a very nice unit. Holds speed well, has a nice tonearm and the wood base makes for a very attractive machine. For the money it is difficult to do much better.

5/10 by alien02

Love my CS 5000!! How do I replace the belt? I have the new one. Thanx.

5/10 by RKM

Recently purchased this to replace a CS630Q which was fine but I have wanted one of these since they were in the stores. I wasn't disappointed. I installed a new belt and my V15 Type IV. It sounds great! Auto shut off is all the automation needed, just like my old 510. Belts and headshells can be ordered at among others. And yes, it looks good too!

10/10 by hardsoft

I have two Dual CS-5000:s - one with legendary Shure Ultra 500 + Jico S.A.S. stylus @ better VTA adjustable headshell and another with Ortofon OMB20 cartridge in basic headshell. The sound is great as both cartridges are match made in heaven to light tonearm. OPS geometry is clever minimzing distortion. Semiautomatic operation is easy enough for better half and one can leave disc spinning without worry. Wooden plinth looks great. I had once also Dual Golden 1 with same technology in bling bling package, but sound was the reason I purchased these brothers to my two sets.

10/10 by elbruceo

I love my cs500 3 speed belt driven great sound for the price upgraded to a MC orfon but the biggest problem is finding a new head shell they don't exist.

9/10 by awymncwl

This is a very unrated TT. The design is smart. The speed control is great. If you are an audiophile and know well how adjust VTA VTF Anti skating, this TT make adjustment so easy to extract the real music from your records. its only USD350 something now on ebay. you won't regret a TT at this price which sound 3 times better same as USD1000 one or even bettter.

7/10 by Kenmood

A very neat looking and fine sounding turntable. Some say it's the best Dual has ever made, I do not agree completely. I've overhauled my CS 5000, new bearing, new quartz lock board, new housing, all caps replaced etc. I think there are better models out there, look at the 704, 701, 731Q etc, very underrated. Especially when it comes down to the parts used in the 5000; in the base of the tone arm for instance which contains many brittle plastic bits that can snap. I bought a wrecked OPS tone arm from the german ebay and took it apart, it shook me how many fragile plastic parts they used. Be careful when buying, if the anti skating is not working properly it comes down to a black plastic lever with a coil spring, it breaks very easily, so transport them well and be careful with the tone arm. Mine is in mint condition and I still enjoy it very much but it is not the holy grail of turntables.

10/10 by Coltrane1958

I got this brand new in 1989 and other than replacing the belt twice, I have never had it serviced. I use it almost DAILY, I can't think of anything I own with moving parts that has been so dependable! Obviously there are better tables out there, but........ the build quality on this thing is AMAZING. Currently paired with a Grado Gold 1 it still sounds good and looks good!

10/10 by soj6991

This turntable came from an Audiophile friend. Has always has a Shure V-15 MR and something else. I also use the Denon 103R. I have 4 Headshells. Fine sound - very appealing design. Made in the Black Forest.

8/10 by Dadimo

The CS-5000 is my bread and butter turntable for everyday use. The semi-auto feature is great, so you do not ruin your stylus! I run mine with an Ortofon cartridge usually an M20 FL super, or an OM 40 super. Just a great looking, and playing table that you still can find used easily.

10/10 by Graffy

Very good turntable only if you have a headshell Dual non-vta (who is weighted a little weight flush end shell) and cartridge Luxman 320C (AT3200XE) downforce at 2gr !.

8/10 by henkuk

Bought this second hand in 2011 to do duties in the home office. Always loved the look though I had never heard one.

Operation is simple and elegant, well equipped table and easy to set up. Love the auto shut off at the end of a record which makes it more suitable for non critical listening sessions.

The sound is not the very best out there, my Pro-ject RPM4 has a little more balls for example. However it sounds great with Jazz and more then competent with most other types of music. Quite a laid back type of presentation I would say....

Paid peanuts for my mint condition one and would have been happy to pay more for this as it is a fine table.

9/10 by vinylbilly

Great turntable. I added the Ortofon Super OM 40 cartridge and it sounds incredible. Also like the simplicity of the design of this table, it was easy to set up. As pokearoo reviewed, the semi auto shut down is just right.

9/10 by pokearoo

I love this turntable. The sound is the best I have heard in a long time. The semi auto shut down is just enough mechanical works to be reliable and convenient.

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